Squam Lakes Natural Science Center Wood Boiler

One of the new buildings at the Squam Lakes Science Center, built with lumber harvested from the 232-acre property, is a wood energy plant with a state-of-the-art boilers, each holding 2,700 gallons of water, which will produce enough heat for all of the center's buildings from 27 cords of wood which will be harvested just down Rte. 113 a mile away.

''It's going to reduce our energy footprint and significantly cut down on fossil fuel use,'' said MacLeod, who said that the current heating system, which uses oil and propane for six different furnaces, will remain in use only as backup.

MacLeod said the $480,000 wood energy plant, which went on line in early February, is part of a $4 million Nature Matters Capital Campaign, which will add another new building, a $1,250,000 Water Matters Pavilion, and replace two outdated structures.

- Laconia Daily Sun

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